When it comes to some deadly dangerous truths, maybe you didn't know this fact about Syracuse New York.

Over 38,000 people are killed in car accidents every year in the U.S. New York is home to some of the most dangerous roads in all of America. Are you shocked by this fact? Catalano Law put together a list of the Most Dangerous Roads in all of New York State:

Although the circumstances that make a road dangerous may vary, some specific routes and thoroughfares in New York are infamous for having an above-average number of fatal crashes. According to the NY Department of Health, the average traffic fatality rate in the state of New York is 292 deaths per year."

Interstate 81 (I-81) made an appearance, and this section of road is no stranger to those driving in or around Syracuse. I-81 is an 855-mile highway spanning six states, running from Dandridge, Tennessee, to Canadian Highway 137.

The New York section of I-81 is approximately 184 miles long and runs through Syracuse, where it intersects with I-90. In June 2021, a report by the Congress for New Urbanism revealed that I-81 in Syracuse was one of the 15 worst urban highways in America. Not only is it one of Syracuse’s worst congestion hotspots (43,000 to 90,000 vehicles daily), but Syracuse.com journalists estimate that, on average, a single 1-mile section of the city sees approximately one accident per day."

I-81 crosses the Pennsylvania state line southeast of Binghamton. The road runs north–south through Central New York, serving the cities of Binghamton, Syracuse, and Watertown. It passes through the Thousand Islands in its final miles and crosses two bridges, both part of the series of bridges known as the Thousand Islands Bridge.

Fleet vehicle tracking company Geotab was able to determine the deadliest routes across the country. They looked at highways with the greatest fatal crash rate. You can read what they found for New York State online here.

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