Have you seen previews for the new comedy Horrible Bosses? Everyone has them at some point in their career. At this moment I don’t, but I’ve worked for some before. At least the movie made bad bosses look fun, but for many people, having a bad boss isn't a laughing matter. It's a fact of life.

Some workplaces will suck the life out of you. From your ideas being shot down, to your boss never listening to you. Here are some tips on how to cope from Portfolio.com:

Be Adaptable- You know it's going to get rocky, so be prepared to roll with the punches and adapt to the challenges the boss throws at you.

Communicate Constantly- Maintain open lines of communication with your boss, even if the conversations are unpleasant. The more you talk and e-mail, the less chance there is for misunderstandings and drama.

Don't Take It Personally- Bad managers are not necessarily bad people. They might be unpleasant because they don't like or know how to handle the position.

Read the rest of the tips over at Portfolio.com.

Now for your enjoyment, the movie preview for Horrible Bosses:

How do you deal with your boss?