Complaining at work. Everyone does it. Now, it turns out that it's actually kind of good for you. What?

No matter where you work in Central New York, sometimes you need to vent about things going on - and who better to have that gripe session with than your equally stressed co-workers?

According to a study conducted by the University of Melbourne, complaining with your co-workers about work, and making jokes about your workplace experiences is actually good for you. Researchers noted that, over a 12 month period, joking and complaining with co-workers actually helped employees vent frustration, decreased stress, and increased workplace bonding.

In fact, it worked a lot like a big group therapy session.

The researchers did point out that there were "rules" that needed to be followed in order for the griping to be therapeutic: you can't pick on one person. No bullying, or targeting allowed. So, it's okay to talk about how much time you're all spending at work, but it's not okay to pick on Joe from sales.

This research seems a little counter-intuitive, since you'd think being around folks that are negative all the time would bring a workplace down - but it turns out - that as long as everyone gets to participate - a little negativity (along with a sense of humor) goes a long way.


What's the worst thing about YOUR workplace? Come on, tell us, it's good for you!


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