New York's own 'Death Wish Coffee' now has their ultra-caffeinated product available in a delicious chocolate bar. Sounds pretty good, right?!

There's nothing wrong with a little chocolate to go with your coffee. Well now you can enjoy a whole candy bar AND all the caffeine you need from that cup of coffee thanks to Death Wish Coffee and Ethereal Confections.

News came out a few months ago that these two companies had teamed up and were working on making this chocolate bar creation, but a release date wasn't mentioned. Then, in October, the good people at Death Wish Coffee decided to have a contest to give away some of their coffee and one of their newest chocolate bars before they would be available for the public. They picked a winner for that contest in the second week of November.


The good news is out! The "Death Wish Chocolate Bar" is officially available to purchase from the Death Wish Coffee's website.

According to the description from Death Wish Coffee:

Each bar is 64% cacao and topped with cocoa nibs and crushed whole bean coffee. They also have our skull and crossbones logo on the front.

One 2.25-ounce chocolate bar costs $8.99 or you can opt for the the 3-bar pack for $24.99 (plus shipping). When you're putting together high quality chocolate and the World's Strongest Coffee, we think it's a fair deal.

You should definitely check out how good these chocolate bars look. You can see a whole bunch of photos at the link (above).

If this sounds like something you HAVE to try, or you know someone who would love this for Christmas, you'll have to order them through the Death Wish Coffee website. If you're interested, we suggest you don't wait. If it's anything like their logo hockey jerseys they had available, they'll sell out fast.


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