You're enjoying your Grand Slam breakfast and next thing you know a deer crashes through the window. It happened at the Denny's in Rome.

General Manger Tabitha Finster heard the crash. "I thought one of my customer had gotten out of hand or a tray of food fell. Then I see fur going through my restaurant."

It happened around 8am Saturday, June 10th at the Denny's on South James Street in Rome. Finster says the deer ran through the restaurant as customers watched. "It couldn't get it's footing. It was struggling on the tile floor."

Despite the shock of seeing a deer crash through the window Finster says the customers handled it well. "It was almost like they were prepared for it. One of my cooks opened the door and the deer just ran out of the restaurant."

The Denny's in Rome is located at a busy intersection. So where on earth did it come from? "We've heard stories that it came from Fort Stanwix," says Finster. "Another customer said they saw it happen from the Boulevard sitting at the light. They saw the deer run in front of them and barrel right through the window."

The bizarre story has a happy ending though. No one was hurt, including the deer. "Anyone could have been injured and it was a miracle no one was," says Finster.

The joke now is whether venison will be added to the Denny's menu. "I don't think it will be on the 2-4-6-8," jokes Finster.


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