Most Central New York drivers have experienced the close encounter of the deer kind. But few have experienced what happened to a Rome man during a road trip to Old Forge. Like any good story, this one comes with a twist of irony.

Roger Johnston owns Captured Momentz Photography in Rome and was traveling to Old Forge to... you guessed it, take some nature pictures of deer and all the fall colors. He was on Route 28 near Forestport, when out of nowhere comes a doe bounding for the highway.

Now, this wouldn't be a story if Roger hit the deer, or the deer hit his car. The doe miraculously made one leap and went through both windows of the back doors on his vehicle. A traumatic experience, but the alternatives are even more frightening. Two feet sooner and the deer hits the front windows, or what if she doesn't make it through the 2nd window and is trapped in the car?

Deer Jumps Through Car

The incident may have delayed Roger's quest to photograph Old Forge's fall settings, but it didn't stop him. He shared this photo of the car cleaned and repaired. Followed a few hours later by these gorgeous pics.

Car Repaired After Deer Went Through Windows of Car
Roger Johnston/Captured Momentz Photography


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