Ready to celebrate the 4th of July?  Whatever you'll be grilling or eating on the fourth, don't forget to include a yummy dessert or two.  Delilah has some festive fourth desserts to sweeten the celebration.


Buy the premade cheesecake filling (in the cold section) hull strawberries and fill them with cheesecake filling (with a decorating bag) -- top with a blueberry... very easy and soooooo yummy! Carla


A friend shared this idea with me....take a strawberry, dip in white chocolate but leave 1/3 of the red showing, then dip the bottom tip in blue sugar while chocolate is still wet. Patriotic berries. Tara

More festive ideas from Delilah.  Happy Fourth of July!


Delilah Daily-Simple Caramels Recipe

Love caramels? Try this simple caramels recipe from Delilah and satisfy your sweet tooth. You don't need many ingredients or much prep time either. Yahoo/Delilah Next time you're craving something sweet, this caramels recipe might do the trick. When Delilah talked about it on the air, she was swarmed with requests for the recipe.

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