What happens when you dip marshmallows in caramel?  A sweet and tasty treat that's super easy to make.  Check out Delilah's recipe for caramel dipped marshmallow treats. 



Caramel Dipped Marshmallow Treats

It’s tough for kids and parents to fall back into a schedule and back into the books after school starts. As much as my children dread doing homework, I dread not knowing the answers too! But alas, it must be done. And when it does get done, it’s not a bad idea to reward each other’s hard work now and then by sharing a delicious, easy snack…

Caramel Dipped Marshmallow Treats

Marzetti Ingredients:

1 16 oz container Marzetti® Old Fashioned Caramel Dip


Other Ingredients:


30-40 Large marshmallows


8 inch lollipop sticks (can be purchased from craft stores)


Chopped nuts, sprinkles, jimmies, mini chocolate chips


Ribbon for decorating sticks

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