Are old flames best kept in the past?  That's the dilemma Delilah tackles with Melissa and the old flame she recently reconnected with.  Melissa, are your eyes shut tight?

Melissa is separated from her husband and her old high school flame is in an unhappy marriage.  He told Melissa he still had feelings for her.  Guess what happened when she said she did too?   Delilah wants Melissa to take off her rose colored glasses.  See if you agree with Delilah's advice.

Daily Delilah-Baggage In Relationships

Chances are good you've encountered someone with plenty of baggage. Or maybe that someone is you. Either way, this Facebook post from Delilah on relationship baggage should make you smile.Who doesn't have a little baggage, right? Facebook/Delilah Love caramels? Try this simple caramels recipe from Delilah and satisfy your sweet tooth.