Calamari is a staple on the menus of Central New York restaurants, but one Utica restaurant has a new take on the classic dish that you need to taste to appreciate.

When calamari is cooked well, it's delicious. When it's done poorly, you end up with soggy, chewy rings of seafood that are just gross. Usually, when you order calamari from one of the local Italian restaurants that Mohawk Valley is famous for, it's served with a side of marinara and a side of cocktail sauce. Yummy, but - been there, done that.

That's why the new incarnation of calamari at Delmonico's in Utica was such a pleasant surprise. Delmonico's has always prepared their calamari to perfection and served it with a side of their marinara, but now there's a new option: their famous calamari is also available with a sweet and spicy chili aioli sauce that has a hint of Asian flavor. It's unexpected but completely delicious. 

The Utica Delmonico's has recently undergone a total renovation - the decor has been completely updated and redone, and so has the menu.

If you haven't been there recently, check out the newly re-done Delmonico's and grab yourself a plate of the calamari with chili sauce. You'll love it. 


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