Fort Rickey is in a state of emergency after Tropical Storm Fred flooded the Children's Zoo in Rome.

A little over a month after a storm ripped through Rome, causing damage to the park, Fred left behind several feet of water. "This flooding is devastating," said owner Allison Stedman. "Lots of hard work and improvements are destroyed. This is the worst yet,"

The good news is, all the animals are safe. Some buildings and equipment weren't so lucky. The lighthouse managed to survive the flood. "We are monitoring the situation and have contingency plans in place."

The Stedman's bought the Children's Zoo in Rome back in 2019 from Len and Bobbie Cross who had run Fort Rickey since 1978. Six months after purchasing the zoo, came the Halloween flood that left much of Central New York under water, including Fort Rickey.

Just as the 2020 Spring season was about to begin, the coronavirus hit, forcing the closure of the Children's Zoo. With lockdowns lifted, 2021 finally looked like it may be a good year at Fort Rickey. But Mother Nature had other plans.

"Most likely will be closed for a few days so we can clean things up," said Stedman.

Take a look at the remnant of Tropical Storm Fred.

Tropical Storm Fred Floods Fort Rickey

Tropical Storm Fred left Fort Rickey under several feet of water. Thankfully the animals are all safe.

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