It's easy to chalk weird experiences in life up to coincidence. But sometimes it's so weird, you have to ask if there's another explanation. Did I get a visit from my late grandmother via a bird?

Let me preface this story by saying that I believe in spirits and ghosts and all that - I just think it happens to other people. Not to me. My life is grounded in non-fiction, science, and fact. Which is why I can't explain what happened over two days last week.

I love birds. I have a bird feeder I keep filled all the time, and I could spend hours just watching them do their little birdie things. If I see a bird close by, I'll often stop and watch. So, I get home from work the other day - we pull the car we're driving into the garage while my car was still in the driveway. We live in a normal neighborhood in New Hartford. As I exit the car, I look out the garage window, and there's a robin sitting on the running board of my SUV. Except it's just staring at me. Like - STARING at me. And it just went on like that for a minute or so. I kinda thought he was trying to tell me something.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

And then - a couple of days later - it got weirder. 

Our front door has a window, through which I can see our mailbox at the road. I'm walking by, and there's (the same?) robin sitting on the mailbox staring up at the house. So now I'm prepared. I stand at the door and I say, "Grandma, if that's you - give me a sign." At that exact moment - the robin flaps it's wings - still staring at me.

I'm not convinced.

"Grandma, that was great - but could you do something else?"

And doesn't that bird jump off the mailbox and hop about 8 steps closer to where I'm standing behind the door and keep staring at me? I kind of got the chills. After few more moments of staring at me - it just flew off.

So, am I insane, or did I get a visit from my late grandmother? Has anything like this ever happened to you?


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