Taylor Swift has people cracking up over her latest commercial with Apple Music, where she trips and falls while on a treadmill. But did she really fall, or was it actually a stunt-double?

The last thing anyone wants to think is that Taylor Swift faked the whole fall (although, it was obviously scripted). But was it really fake? Did someone else do the fall and they just added Taylor Swift to the beginning and end of the commercial?

You be the judge. Watch the video above from "Clevver News." At :44 Swift is about to lose her footing and face-plant on the treadmill. At :48 she goes down. At :51 She gets up from the ground (still rapping like a true fighter). Now watch that short segment again - from :44 to :51 . Pay attention to her arms. Does something look a little off, right before she goes down? Watch it again. Pay attention to the arms again.

Is it a stunt-double?

Well, there's not enough evidence to say it is, but something doesn't seem to line up. Maybe they had to stage the fall multiple times, so when the commercial was edited, there was a little 'cut' in it. Maybe it was a stunt-double...

What do you think? Do you think T-Swift actually took the fall? Or do you think she had someone else do her dirty work?



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