Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' is a huge hit and it only keeps growing. So what happens when a New York man covers the song, but does it in 20 different styles? Pure musical talent happens!


Anthony Vincent is the New York native who's behind this musical masterpiece. Now, this isn't a regular cover of a song - and we've seen a million of those. This is a cover of a song, being covered by other voices. It's like imitating other artists, BUT not just their voice - their overall sound. In this video, he does a portion in it like Def Leppard. It doesn't just sound like the singer - it sounds like the whole band. Crazy, right?

Vincent uses 20 different artists and their style to create his take on 'Bad Blood.' It ranges from the old school rock of The Rolling Stones to the international dance style of Eiffel 65, and everything in between - with artists like Cyndi Lauper, Pearl Jam, Phil Collins, and Black Sabbath. He covers pretty much all the genres of music. This guy is seriously talented, and his musical precision just blew me away. See the talent for yourself in the video below.

I told you it was crazy! I think the best part was probably when he switched from Cyndi Lauper to Barney and Friends. That was a flawless transition! I could really believe if Cyndi Lauper was singing 'Bad Blood,' it would sound exactly like that. Rock on Anthony Vincent - You're a musical genius!



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