He sure does a great job acting like an idiot sometimes. Nolan Gould who plays Luke on TV's 'Modern Family' graduated from high school at the age of 13, an age when most of us are just entering it. Nolan has an IQ of 150 and he’s a member of MENSA. Most of us might ask, what's MENSA, well, is a super exclusive high IQ society.

Nolan appeared on The Ellen Show and told her how he had graduated from high school already. He explained that he just took a test after studying really hard over the summer and now he’s looking to take online community college courses. Wow! Judging from his appearances on various talk shows, it looks like he has an amazing personality too, something you'll discover when watching one of his appearances on 'Ellen'.

And here is a few seconds of his goofiness on 'Modern Family'.

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