It's not often you see someone pop a wheelie while in the produce aisle, but that's exactly what happened at a NY Price Chopper.

23-year-old Traitin Knight was arrested after he rode a dirt bike through a Price Chopper grocery store in Schenectady He is charged with reckless endangerment and possession of stolen property. He pops a wheelie down the aisles while yelling "open sesame" at startled shoppers.

Of course, it wasn't easy for police to identify Knight - he zipped in and out of the grocery store so quickly, after all. Not to worry though - Mr. Knight posted the whole video to YouTube. That helped the police find him much more easily. Thanks for that.

When asked by News Channel 13 about the charges, Knight said: “Subscribe to my YouTube channel make sure you like my videos and yeah that's it." A reporter asked Knight about his actions potentially injuring or killing somebody. He and his friends responded by shouting “nobody died” repeatedly.

Apparently that's the new standard for young adults today: nobody died. Clearly some brains cells must have.

At least when kid were eating Tide Pods, the only one they endangered was themselves - now we're not even safe shopping for vegetables because some idiot with a GoPro might run us over so he can become an internet star. Nice. 

Credit: Just Do It Tray via YouTube
Credit: Just Do It Tray via YouTube


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