Can you go any lower that stealing money from Girl Scouts during a cookie drive? The answer is yes as this robber allegedly steals money that was earmarked for our troops overseas.

Zoe and Erin Fullerton of Escondido, California were selling cookies outside a grocery store when a man, who appeared to be between 19- and 22-years-old, ran out of the store with all their cash. Witnesses said that he was laughing the whole time. Wow, a real life cookie monster.
KFMB-TV reports:

The cookie money crook got into a black Acura with the California license plate 6KBC407. There were three others inside.
The money was supposed to go to "Operation Thin Mint," a program that provides cookies and support to U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa, places where Girl Scouts rarely go door-to-door.

Police are still investigating the crime and say that this isn't the first such incident this year in San Diego. The cookies still have to be paid for and it seems good Samaritans are determined to cover the cost of the loss.

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