Dixie Products have started a new campaign #DarkForDinner. It's the perfect balance of family AND social media, and it deserves to take off!

I say the perfect balance of family and social media because it really is. Dixie (the company that makes the plastic cups, and dinner plates, and all that) has come up with the hashtag: DarkForDinner - and it's genius. The idea is to sit down and have a family meal with no distractions - especially from phones, the internet and all that.

A Child and Grandmother Eating Dinner
Photo by: Carsten Koall/Getty Images News

Here's why it's genius. First of all, it's only one day a week - Sunday. That way you can be distracted all week long, all you want - but for one day you actually enjoy time with your family. Second, it still incorporates social media into the idea (with the hashtag 'DarkForDinner' and posting on social media before AND after you have dinner).

I love this idea and think it's something that really needs to take off. We really do spend a lot of time on our phones and online, and I think a little more family time would be good for everyone. Dixie started this campaign for pretty much the same reason. According to their DarkForDinner website,

Phones are the number one distraction at dinnertime. We get it. The Internet is awesome, but so are the people around our tables. Even our weird families. That's why we're putting down our devices and going #DarkForDinner.

I think this is something I'm going to start doing on Sunday nights. I may not have a family to spend dinner with, but shutting off my phone for a few hours will probably be good for me. Hopefully you can convince your family to do the same, and spend a little more time together without distractions!



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