It's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. So we decided to put the old "Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Won't Melt" theory to the test.

CJ/TSM Utica

Several years ago, it was discovered that the Walmart Real Value brand ice cream sandwiches take a really long time to melt, even when left out in the heat and the sun for hours. According to, a Cincinnati TV station conducted the now famous "melting test" in July 2014, which first showed this phenomenon. At that time a Walmart representative claimed it was because of the brand's higher cream content. also noted that Consumer Reports suggested other FDA approved chemical stabilizers were being added to slow down melting.

CJ/TSM Utica

It's hot and hazy in Utica today - perfect ice cream sandwich weather. Will our Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches melt or not?

We discovered that in less than an hour this ice cream sandwich was almost completely melted. Why was that? Take another look at the label - "Low Fat... Artificially Flavored... No Sugar Added". We're not scientists but we're guessing that might have something to do with why our test failed. Anyway, these ice cream sandwiches might be just the ticket for diabetics. While they're still frozen that is.