We asked you to tell us your "CNY Summer Must-Do" activity. And you answered the above poll question we posted on the Lite 98.7 Facebook page. Plus, we got a ton of responses, comments, and write-in votes.

Courtney Spatto said she and her family did Voss' and the Utica Zoo on the same day. Courtney is obviously an overachiever. Cherie Snell asked "What exactly is a Voss?" Well, Cherie, here's some info on the tradition located on Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville.

Becky Grosfent enjoyed Enchanted Forest Water Safari with her grandchildren. Sherri Bauer cast a write-in vote for an Erie Canal Cruise. Which type, Sherrii? The folks at ErieCanalCruises.com in Herkimer have options for Living Hisory Cruises, Comedy Cruises, Friday Night Cruises and Daily Sightseeing Cruises

Homer Dexter cast a write-in for the Syracuse Nationals car show. Scott Suba voted for getting away from Central New York and heading to the cool coast of Maine. How about some specifics, Scott, unless you're looking privacy up there?

We had many general votes for the Adirondacks and Sylvan Beach And Lots of people said "No" to the snow. Hopefully, it's gonna be a while until we have to worry about THAT again.

As for OUR family, we've done Voss' and the Utica Zoo this summer, plus we had a getaway to Boston, Providence, and parts of Connecticut when we got a little bit off course heading back home from a mini vacation in New England.


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