Governor Cuomo may have the most powerful political position in New York State, but his name doesn't even make the top 200.

Anyone who remembers skimming the phone book when they were a kid to see how many people shared their last name will be fascinated by this website. It's called and it can tell you the top surnames for any U.S. state or region. Even tough the Empire State has a lot of Italians, Cuomo is NOT one of the most common names. So, what ARE the top ten most popular surnames in New York? Here you go:

1. Smith (114,166)
2. Brown (72,320)
3. Williams (71,973)
4. Johnson (68,760)
5. Miller (54,856)
6. Jones (53,878)
7. Rodriguez (53,820)
8. Lee (49,088)
9. Davis (42,852)
10. Rivera (38,486)

Want to see if your last name made the Top 200 in New York? Check out the full list here.

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