So, let's get my name right up front here. Layton Davis Coombs III. Yup. Just like MY dad and HIS dad. But everyone knows me as "Dave." Also just like my father and grandfather.

Now, the issue: Some people call me David. Let me just say, I don't really care. But, I'm often guilty of getting OTHER people's names wrong. And I feel horrible about that. After all, a name is a big part of someone's identity. So, are YOU offended when someone gets YOUR name wrong? And, in my case, the difference between "Dave" and "David" is no big deal, right??? Do you correct people? Should I correct people?

Our Facebook Friends are all OVER this topic:

Juanita: "I did not correct a very sweet customer of mine who introduced me every time as Carmen. Eventually, a friend of hers who met her out for lunch told this woman, 'My son works with a Juanita, but no Carmen.'"

Karlene: "I do correct people depending on the situation. My neighbor has called me Carly for the past 14 years and correcting her did no good ... I finally gave up!

Car dealer Sewel Claycomb: "I get called 'Clay' all the time. After the initial desire to correct them, I ignore it."

Melissa: "I had a great Aunt who called me Michelle for 14 yrs up until the day she died."

Karla: "Believe it or not but a simple name such as mine I am called Kira or Karlie...Karlie I understand but Kira?? I have 2 customers that call me this...I do not correct them at all and yes I answer...I look at it this way if they complain about me ever I can always say Wasn't Me lol."

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