I refuse to turn on the heat, and I plan on keeping it off for as long as possible. Does that make me cheap?

Heating bills during a Central New York winter can get steep. It's a pretty exciting day in our house when the summer cools down enough to turn off the A/C. I love watching that bill go down - and I REALLY love when National Grid sends us that little scorecard that says we're using the least energy out of all of our neighbors.

I get it - it gets chilly quickly in CNY. This weekend, temperatures are expected to dip close to freezing. So what? Isn't that why we have socks, sweaters, and blankets?

When I finally have to turn that thermostat to 'heat' it feels like I'm losing to Mother Nature. As long as you can't see your breath in the house, what's the big deal?

Am I the only one who leaves the heat off for as long as possible? How long do you wait? Let me know: beth@lite987.com



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