Six degrees of Kevin Bacon may be closer to Central New York than you ever thought of before. Did you know Kevin Bacon's family has owned a home in the Adirondacks for approximately one hundred years?

Even though Kevin Bacon grew up in Pennsylvania, he spent plenty of time in the Adirondacks growing up. There have been rumors through the years that he was spotted in Utica, and maybe their is some truth to that. adkforeverwild.blogspot has comments from readers that have seen him, and know where his home is:

I'm also part of the Adirondack League Club and I've seen Kevin Bacon's house! They live on a super private lake where most members of the club don't even go very often. You can only get to their house by boat."

Not only does Bacon own property in the Adirondacks, he is a member of the Adirondack League Club in Old Forge. For those that don't know, The Adirondack League Club was established in 1890 and is dedicated to conservation of the Adirondacks. Members enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating activities. His roots to the park are deep. Next time you're driving through Old Forge, maybe you'll spot him.

Another part of the Adirondacks you can find Kevin Bacon is part of an audio tour at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. He and his brother are so enthusiastic about the Adirondack Park that they made an album called Songs to Keep: Treasure from an Adirondack Folk Collector.

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, right here in Central New York.


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