Kevin Bacon, star of The Following and the very glue that holds Hollywood together, surprised fans on Monday (May 4) with a chipmunk-cheeked selfie. The caption says "Greetings from the UK!" so at least we know where he is, if not why he's looking so puffy.

Haute Living (quotes via
UKYahoo) that he'd walked around L.A. in prosthetic makeup to see how it felt to be an unknown rando-person. Turns out he didn't like it one bit, saying it "was almost disturbing to me. People kind of looked right through me and weren’t nice to me."

“It didn’t feel that good, to tell you the truth,” he continued. “I’ve had [fame] for so long that I almost can’t really get my head around what my life would be like without it.” We go tragically unrecognized at Starbucks day after day, just downing flat whites in total obscurity, but fair enough, Kevin. Fair enough!

He's not conducting more undercover social experiments, so what is he doing? It looks like a movie trailer door is visible in the background — is this for a role? Did he have a nasty allergic reaction to some kind of non-FDA-approved celebrity face cream we don't even know about yet? Or did he undergo some intense oral surgery between takes?

We have a feeling Bacon will solve the mystery with another social media update soon, but until then send Kev your prayers. And your ice packs.

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