We've seen controversial Halloween decorations, but what about inappropriate Christmas decorations? This one takes the cake, because of its sound.

Christmas is a time for decorating the tree, hanging your stockings by the chimney, and maybe putting some lights up outside. However, this Christmas decoration goes too far - and not because of the way it looks, but because of the way it sounds.

The "Fireworks LED Projection Spotlight" looks great, but it sounds just like gunfire. 

The United States has been through a number of mass shootings in the recent months. I don't think it's being too 'sensitive' or 'politically correct' to suggest that a Christmas light show that includes sound effects that sound remarkably like gunshots might be a bad idea. Shouldn't the manufacturer of this item use a little common sense?

I get that it's supposed to sound like fireworks, but who expects that in that middle of December? Living in upstate NY, we're also accustomed to the sound of shots fired by a hunter - but this would definitely make me turn my head, and possibly head for cover. This was available in a New Hartford big box home improvement store. It's likely that it's available across the country, including areas impacted by gun violence. Come on, there are thousands of other products to pick - why even offer this one?

Let's say you're living next door from this - similarity to gunfire aside - do you really want to listen to this for hours on end?

So, if you want to decorate for Christmas - go ahead. Just maybe stick with silent lights and your 16' inflatable Christmas Darth Vader instead.

Darth Vader Christmas Inflatable
Credit: Gemmy via Amazon.com

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