It's officially that time of year: people find it acceptable to put up their Christmas trees and their outside decorations. While putting yours up, did you ever think about how your your display outside could make others happy?

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office posted a reminder on their Facebook page about the holiday season and their urge for everyone to participate in "Operation Keep The Lights On."

What exactly is that?

Nothing too out of the ordinary, other than if you're willing and able to do it safely, to consider leaving your outside Christmas lights on from dusk to dawn.

"For those that work nights and/or travel throughout the county at night this gesture would really make a difference for them. With the struggles we have all experienced this year, please join us and help spread some cheer!"

So, if you can, consider leaving yours on. My mom worked nights when I was a child and I remember her telling me stories about how there were certain displays on her commute that she looked forward to seeing every single evening.

If you can, consider participating in Operation "Keep The Lights On" this holiday season to bring a smile to the faces of others.

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