It's a struggle that's been going on for a long time - probably since families were living in caves: kids and their messy rooms. Most parent think their kid's room is the messiest - but is it?

Kids rooms seem to run the gamut from neat all the way to biohazard. Parents have found items ranging from missing socks to dead turtles in their kids' rooms. Is that the standard for messy rooms? Dead things and/or long expired food? Or is it ability to see the floor?

We took a survey of CNY parents to find examples of the current state of kids' rooms.

One New Hartford mom says room messiness "depends on the kid... My mini-Sheldon has a nice neat clean room, my middle son on the other hand lives in a toxic wasteland that requires a hazmat crew to dispose of!"

Another mom from Frankfort runs a tight ship: "if its on the floor when I vacuum it’s mine and they have to ask for it after they clean up the room I might reconsider giving it back. No MATTER WHAT THE ITEM IS, THAT’S THE RULE."

But what about their actual rooms? 

This young man has a room that many parents can only dream of...unless we clean it ourselves:

Credit: Pamela Howe

Is that real life? Or a furniture catalog? Can we assume that this is an exception rather than the rule?

This room is getting a little bit more creative. Allegedly, these are the remains of an art project occupying this young lady's bed, but there is definitely visible floor. And color coordination.

Credit: H. Potter

Then we start to get toward the 'biohazard' end of the spectrum, with the requisite explosion of clothing:

Credit: H. Darby

You can still see floor, though.

Credit: B. Coombs/TSM

Now this one has it all; dirty dishes, beverages, laundry, scattered papers...and who knows what's under the bed?

The real question is how you handle rooms like these, parents? Do you just shut the door and walk away or do you go bananas until the kids clean up or do you give up and do it yourself?

Does your kid have a room messier than this? Send us the pictures at or share them on our Facebook page.