A survey from Build-A-Bear for National Teddy Bear Day (September 8-9) shows 53% of adults still have a stuffed animal from their youth. In our house, the statistics run true. Beth has hers from high school. My only connection is a framed charcoal etching an artist drew of my teddy bear.

Lots of folks shared stories about their teddy bears and stuffed animals. Here's a sample:

Adrienne told us: "I absolutely still have stuffed animals from my childhood. I put them away until I had kids and now they enjoy them."

Sherri said about having stuffed animals: "While I do not my son Matthew does and the stories and memories that go with Fluffy since 1985."

Pamela said: "I have a Hello Kitty from 1982 and a Winnie the Pooh from 1977."

Judith said: "Nope. I'm not at all nostalgic in that way. They all went 'somewhere else' years ago."

Alexandria said: "Poley the Polar Bear is in my bed right now. Had him since 78 or 79."

Terri said: "I have my Dad's old teddy bear he had as a child."

Samantha said: "I've had my 'Brownie' bear since I was about 10. He now sleeps in my daughter's room."

Carrie (pictured above) said: "I carried that bear with me everywhere. Mom sewed it countless numbers of times. I throw everything out, so it's the only thing that I've kept from my childhood." She also said the picture above is the only one she has with both she and the bear.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stuffed animal stories with us.


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