Since getting married last July, Carrie Underwood says she keeps being asked when she and her husband are going to start a family.  She says her answer is the same now as it was back then.

Carrie says they have no baby plans for right now.  She recently told reporters , "Everybody is like on this baby bandwagon and I don't know what the deal is but I'd really like to figure out what it's like to be married first, and I know he would, too, and sometimes I know God laughs at your plans and says, 'Nope!,' but it's definitely not in ours anytime soon, so no babies."  She's finally enjoying some time off from performing and is planning to watch her husband's hockey games with the Ottawa Senators.  Carrie's "Play On" tour was ranked the 18th biggest tour in North America last year and  31st worldwide.  No wonder she's enjoying her time off.  She played 102 shows last year.