This is the time of year when we find so many bugs flying and crawling around the house and the yard. Some of the bugs can be annoying, some can be downright dangerous and others are welcome.  I am not much of a bug authority but I know just enough to be semi-informative.

It doesn't take a lot of knowledge about bugs to know that ticks and mosquitoes are two of the bugs we don't want to deal with once the weather warms up. But just like other unwanted garden creatures, they are two of the bugs we don't look forward to dealing with during the summer months.

What Bugs Eat Mosquitoes?


Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to rid both of these crawly pests from taking over our yard. I personally use a yard service that has an organic product to keep both ticks and mosquitoes to an acceptable level. But I have recently uncovered a way to rid your yard of mosquitos I didn't know about until I read an article online by the Farmer's Almanac.

This process won't work to cut back on ticks but apparently, it will help with the mosquitoes. According to the Farmer's Almanac Dragonflies will eat mosquitoes as a matter of fact they apparently eat a whole lot of mosquitoes. According to the Almanac, they eat hundreds of mosquitoes a day.

I have always had a mosquito problem at my house I have also always had a large number of dragonflies. I now know why. Obviously, my yard must be the dragonfly buffet. What's even more interesting is I have seen more mosquitoes than dragonflies this spring which may explain why I feel like my yard is being taken over by mosquitoes.


So you might be asking how do I get dragonflies to eat the mosquitoes in my yard. Simple you attract them and the Farmer's Almanac shared the simple step you can do in your own yard. They not only share how to attract them but they also share which plants you should grow to keep them coming back.

You may have also heard that there are many myths and lore surrounding the Dragonfly. There are and some are not so cheerful. You may want to read what Icy Sedgwick has to say about dragonflies before you attract too many.

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