If you've been dreaming of buying a classic Utica area restaurant, now is the time to consider turning that dream into reality.

The Soda Fountain Of Remsen Is For Sale

If you've been dreaming of buying a classic Utica area restaurant, now is the time to consider turning that dream into reality.

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Here's that article in full:

The Soda Fountain is an 100-seat restaurant which has been located in Remsen for the past 13 years. The Soda Fountain was built in the fall of 2007 and opened for business in May of 2008. The Owners, Steve and Lynn Boucher, wanted to open a restaurant in their hometown that could be a gathering place and have the look and feel of 50's retro restaurants.

This classic restaurant is now for sale, and you could be the next owner.

- Purchase the business AND the building and continue to operate in Remsen
- Purchase the business and lease the space, continuing to operate in Remsen
- Purchase the business ONLY and move the business to a location that suits you better
- All of the options above include our database of over 4,000 customers and over $200,000 in restaurant tables, chairs, supplies, and kitchen equipment!"

Those that are truly interested in purchasing, are asked to fill out an online form off of the Soda Fountains website to discuss possible options.

We talked to Steve on what made him and his wife make the choice in selling the business.

My wife and I got involved in real-estate, she works in this field full time, and we both explored other passions"

Obviously the pair both love the restaurant, but within the past year Steve also started to explore his passion for teaching after a friend reached out from Herkimer College:

I've started teaching marketing and management classed and have become a full time Assistant Professor. I'm taking that knowledge of 30 years of being in the business, and teaching 25 students at a time.

Once COVID-19 hit in 2020, Steve and his wife Lynn got together and discussed how it's really time for someone to give The Soda Fountain it's full attention, and give it the love and care that the pair have since 2008.

There are currently two price points to look at when considering buying:

1) You could purchase the entire property which includes the restaurant, and a tenant next door for $595,000.

2) The restaurant itself for $95,000. This would include the rights to everything which includes: the equipment, the name, the recipes, the database of customers, and the ability to move the restaurant to another location, or you could keep it in Remsen.

If you are interested, once again visit the Soda Fountain's website.

Steve told us him and Lynn will truly miss the customers:

"We will miss the customers. Families taking their daughters and sons out. We will miss seeing families enjoy their happiest moments, the finest times of their lives, making memories"

Just so you know, even though the restaurant is for sale, they are not closed. They are hosting private parties and events, and they are still booking too. You can learn more online on their website.

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