Broadway has come to Boonville. The Broadway Cafe and Bakery is finally open.

Dreams of opening a bakery have finally come true for Jonathan Kornmeyer. With some help from his parents Kevin and Lisa, they have transformed the former Fynmore Studio on Main Street in Boonville into a café/bakery. "Our little village lost 5 businesses in the devastating fire on Main Street," said Lisa. "Some businesses reopened but not all. Our village needed a social gathering place."

The idea to open a bakery has been years in the making. It began when Jonathan started baking bread in 2019 after the woman he loved to buy bread from at the local farmer's market retired. "I was so sad but my mom said she’d teach me how to bake bread," explained Jonathan. "I loved it and begged my mom to let me sell it at the farmers market."

On the first trip to the farmer's market, Jonathan took 16 loaves and sold them out in less than an hour. Every week he went back with more and kept selling out. "I was making 50-60 loaves, cookies, muffins."

All that baking has now lead to the Broadway Cafe and Bakery. "Now I can have my kitchen back," joked Lisa.

Broadway Cafe and Bakery will offer breakfast, lunch, lots of tasty treats, and occasional evening events with music and entertainment. There will be a grand opening on Saturday, September 25 at the bakery on 143 Main St. Boonville.

The cafe is closed on Mondays and is open 7 AM to 2 PM Tuesday through Friday, 8 AM to 2 PM Saturday, and 8 AM to 12 PM on Sunday. You can check out daily specials and all the scrumptious treats at Broadway Cafe Bakery on Facebook.

Inside New Broadway Cafe & Bakery in Boonville

Step inside the new Broadway Cafe & Bakery in Boonville.

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