People often ask me, "why is it that you sound so upbeat in the morning"? "Why are you in such a good mood when I hear you on the radio"? My answer Yeah, I'll drink about three cups by six am and perhaps another after that.
According to The Daily Mail, caffeine in fact, makes you happy. Researchers have found that two to three cups of coffee, or the caffeine equivalent, are enough to make people happier. The research also suggests that you'll be more productive and less likely to make mistakes. I have to admit, without my coffee in the morning, I'm sluggish, my voice takes longer to wake-up and I'll do anything to get that jolt I need in the morning. This must be an actual physical dependance on caffeine that my body is experiencing. Perhaps if I worked a regular shift I wouldn't need coffee as much, yet, I do sleep in weekends and you guessed it, the coffee pot gets a work-out. On the other side, people who drink lots of coffee or caffeine products each day are more likely to suffer occasional headaches. A team of researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have determined. The study went on to say that normal consumption will not cause an in-ordinary amount a headaches in a healthy person. So drink up America, enjoy your coffee and enjoy more happiness.

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