Feeling a little down? You can instantly put yourself in a good mood in a matter of seconds, and this short video will show you how.

We all have our days - You wake up and just feel 'meh.' Maybe nothing is going on to bother you, and you have no reason to feel that way, but you just don't feel into it. It's not that you're unhappy, but you're just not really in a good mood.

Even if you have a reason to be in a bad mood, even if you have a reason to be upset, this video can help you. The man behind 'In59seconds' is a genius. He has tons of life hacks and tips for every day situations, and he presents them in 59 seconds or less. In this video, he shows you how easy it is to turn your day around, and how easy it is to be and feel happy by doing one simple thing.


Pretty simple, right? They say yawns are contagious, but so are smiles and laughter - you just have to be open to it. If you open yourself up to this simple experiment, you really will feel happier. It worked on me, and it'll work on you, too!




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