A drive-thru food giveaway will be held at Herkimer County Community College.

This event is happening on Friday, September 18th, courtesy of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program and the American Dairy Association North East.

Volunteers will distribute 360 boxes full of produce, meat and dairy items, starting at 11AM. Again, these items are free. All drivers and passengers must stay in their vehicles, and volunteers will put the boxes in the trunk or back seat.

No registration is required for this event. HCCC is located at 100 Reservoir Road in Herkimer. The event starts at 11AM sharp.


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Did You Know Over 50 Products Were Invented In Herkimer New York

Did you know the extension ladder, the airgun, B.B.'s, darts, stair rails, coat hangers, the nutcracker, and much more were invented in Herkimer, NY?

Henry Marcus Quackenbush is credited with many inventions that have survived the test of time and are a significant part of our life and Herkimer's history.

Quackenbush was commonly called "H.M.," founded the H.M. Quackenbush Company in Herkimer, and through his success, he expanded his business three times during his lifetime. Finally, in 1880 he built a three-story brick factory that's still standing today on 220 Prospect Street in Herkimer.

You can read the full article here.

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