Late day at the office? Still have to get something for dinner, but need it now? Well, we've found that fastest way for you to get a pizza in the area.

Sure, if you have your favorite, local place for pizza this isn't going to do you any good (unless this place happens to be your favorite place for pizza). But we found the most interesting set-up at a chain pizza joint, and we figured we would pass it along to you.

If you're in need of a pizza as fast as possible, you may want to stop by the Little Caesars on Commercial Drive in Yorkville. What's so special about this Little Caesars? Well, if you need a pizza now, they have a drive-thru. That's right, a pizza place with a drive-thru.

Little Caesars in Yorkville has a Drive-Thru Window
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

Now you can get that hot, delicious pie almost instantly. And you don't even have to get out of your car. No more standing in line, no more calling ahead, just you and your pizza.

We're not sure how long this Little Caesars has had a drive-thru, we just noticed it within the last month. But it's always an option if you need to get food ASAP. But then again, if you want fast pizza (without having to get out in the cold) from a different place, or a place that's not a chain-restaurant, we guess you can always call for delivery.



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