Someone crashed their car, fled the scene, stolen an idling car and crashed again.

The first crashed happened in front of the Whitesboro Byrne Dairy.  "The driver's head went through the windshield," says Michael Venettozzi, who was on the scene.

Photo Credit - Michael Venettozzi

The man then took off on foot. "He stole an idling vehicle at Byrne Dairy in Whitesboro," says Venettozzi.

Photo Credit - Michael Venettozzi

A  few miles away, Venettozzi says he crashed again. "He took off again and was last seen running on Lenox Avenue."

Venettozzi was on the scene to help with towing. He says the driver was badly injured. "The police took blood swabs. It was everywhere. They had a be on the look out at all local hospitals for someone with severe head injuries."

No word on whether the driver was found. The Whitesboro Fire Department shared the pictures on Facebook and we've reached out to officials for more information. We're waiting to hear back and will update as soon as the information becomes available.

"Drugs and needles were all over the car," says Venettozzi. "Made towing it scary."

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