Just one more reason why you need to stay home and focus on getting better, instead of trying to make it through work and daily activities when you're sick.

We've all heard it before - When you're sick, you need to stay home. Most people however, still try to make it through work and still try to do all the things they normally do. It has always been a big argument to stay home so you don't get other people around you sick. This has proven tough to do though - Most people can't afford to take a day off of work. Well, now there's another reason to stay home.

A study was done suggesting that people with a cold have slower reaction times - So slow, it's just as bad as having a few beers (making it not safe to get behind the wheel). According to Daily Mail,

A cold not only caused drivers to take longer to stop a car but made them drive too close to the vehicle in front and made them less aware of the danger of a collision.

And this study didn't even include the effects of cold medicine - which could really make a huge difference in reaction time and alertness.

This is in no way, meant to desensitize drunk driving, but to bring more awareness to the effects being sick has on a person. So the next time you're thinking of trying to make it through work when you're sick, you may want to just stay home. Taking the pay cut for the day is better than risking your life and the lives of others.




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