If you've ever had to deal with a man when he's got a cold or the flu, you know the struggle. Why do they turn into such babies? A study may have the answer to that.

Young Man Sick in Bed

Men don't seem to get sick as much as women do, but when they do eventually come down with a cold or the flu, watch out! Anyone who has been around a man when he's sick knows how difficult it could be.

Not all men turn into whining, moaning, babies, but the ones who don't get like that still have a personality change (a major one). So why is this? Why do men act this way when they get sick?

Researchers have been looking into this. One study found that the part of the brain that regulates temperature is bigger in men, and this is why they suffer more from sickness. One of the researchers stated that because this part of the brain is bigger in men, they could run a higher temperature, which makes them feel worse.

But does size really matter in this case? Men have the chance to run a higher temperature... Chance.
If a woman and a man both have the flu, and both have a temperature of 101-degrees, which one do you think is going to complain more?

Think about it...




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