A school playground in Ohio, where kids were playing after school hours, was recently the site of a scary situation. Someone operating a drone with voice technology capable of carrying on basic conversations, was using a flying device to try and lure kids off of the school's property.

Now picture a playground in Central New York where your kids enjoy the swings and slides.


One kid strays toward the edge of the playground. Maybe trying to investigate that plastic bottle in the lower righthand corner of the photo above. Or, maybe chasing a ball that gets away. Or, maybe following a pretty bird or a bunny rabbit.

That's when they see it: a plastic whirlybird dancing in the air. You've got to admit, they ARE cool to watch. But, this one is friendly. And dangerous...

According to one 13-year-old in Ohio, the drone would say the word "hey" until someone responded. Then, it would try to get the child to follow it to a store at a nearby strip mall.

The perpetrator in Ohio actually did entice one child to follow it to a Dollar Store, but the child's father interceded and foiled the plot.

Some skeptical readers doubted the story from Ohio, and thought it was hysteria, or maybe some YouTube pranksters.

But, one former Oneida County law enforcement official related a local case from about "10 years ago or so where a sex offender was using a remote control car to do the same thing from his porch."

Certainly seems like watching for drones near schools should go right alongside keeping an eye out for suspicious vans.


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