Maybe the question should be "when will drone racing come to Central New York?"   Some people are calling it the sport of the future, but there are already dozens of drone racing leagues that have popped up throughout the U.S.

There is also a national drone racing league, and they've just reached an agreement with ESPN to carry a season of the races.  ESPN 3 has already televised some drone racing championship events.  According to, drones made specifically for racing are now widely available to the public.  Internet prices for racing drones range from just over $100 to well over a thousand dollars.

Some drone racing leagues have also set up indoor obstacle courses for racers.  Maybe some of the empty retail spaces here in the Mohawk Valley would be ideal for year-round indoor drone racing.  Will high schools and colleges offer racing drone courses?  There is a good chance that sooner rather than later, you'll see drone racing right here in Central New York.


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