Bon Jovi's daughter is off the hook.  Charges against 19 year-old Stephanie Bongiovi have been dropped under the Good Samaritan Law. Its a law in New York State that says anyone seeking treatment, or anyone helping someone seek treatment, are protect against legal action.  The law was enacted to encourage people who may fear being sued or arrested, to step up and help when someone's life is in danger.  This sounds more like a technicality being used by lawyers of a famous rock star to me.  I just hope she can get the help she seems to need instead of having daddy's money sweep it under the rug to be forgotten.

Police were called to Hamilton College Wednesday for an alleged overdose.  Bonjiovi was found unresponsive in her dorm room were heroin and marijuana were also found.  The other student involved will not face charges either.


Source: WIBX950