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Latest Goats Remix
If you missed the video featuring a goat screaming along with Taylor Swift, just click the button at the end of this story. This is the next big thing on YouTube. A video genius is taking clips from a video and mixing in screaming goats.They're called "Goats Screaming Like Humans" and the latest installment features Bon Jovi. Get ready to laugh out loud.
Drug Charges Dropped
Bon Jovi's daughter is off the hook.  Charges against 19 year-old Stephanie Bongiovi have been dropped under the Good Samaritan Law. Its a law in New York State that says anyone seeking treatment, or anyone helping someone seek treatment, are protect against legal action.  The law was enacted to encourage people who may fear being sued or arrested, to step up and help when someone's life is in dan
2013 Means A Tour And Album
Here's something to look forward to next year.  Bon Jovi's "Because We Can-The Tour" and also a new album from the band.
Richie Sambora Back In Rehab
According to an exclusive report from Radar Online, Bon Jovi singer Richie Sambora is checking into rehab for exhaustion and to regain his sobriety. A source told Radar Online that "Richie recently has been drinking too much, and wants to get his life together." "I think this was a culmination of all the things that overloaded his life and finally he realized he needed to take care
Current Tour Is Bon Jovi’s Most Successful
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images Bon Jovi knows a thing or two about being successful  in the music business.  They've been at it for almost thirty years and are currently rocking all the way to the bank with their most successful tour to date.