A new book about Duran Duran is out this week.  'In The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran' is a memoir by John Taylor of Duran Duran, who opens up in the book  about his past problems with drugs.

Taylor, bassist for Duran Duran, writes about his drug dependency after the band shot to fame in the 1980s.  He says he got involved with Ecstasy and cocaine and finally kicked the habit in 1994 when he entered rehab.  Taylor stopped the hard partying and the failed relationships but still believes his recovery continues, telling People.com recovery "never really stops.  You have to find the right direction for your energies."   Duran Duran had to ditch a bunch of recent tour dates after Nick Rhodes, the band's keyboardist, got sick.  They're hoping to record a new album next year.  Taylor's book will be out October tomorrow.  Gonna read it?

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