New Ellie Goulding is here! The songstress had a song premiere in last night's (July 2) episode of the U.K. drama 'Skins' titled 'You, My Everything.'

The track is really great, but not especially progressive for Goulding. But, there is a reason for that -- the song is an unreleased track from her 2012 album 'Halcyon.'

The song begins with a build-up of Ellie singing, 'You, my everything,' before kicking into the track's bouncy and pulsing beat, produced by Jim Eliot, who was behind seven of the 13 tracks on 'Halcyon.' The lyrics read as a sort of heart-breaking love story with Ellie singing, "You are my only hope / The truth that dealt the consequence / I know you don't feel the same / You're sensible but it doesn't make sense."

As we all know, Ellie previously dated Skrillex and we'd bet some are wondering if this track was written with her ex-boyfriend in mind. While this could very well be, we strongly doubt it. The couple started dating in February of 2012 and broke up a little after 'Halcyon' was released, so we're betting it was written about a previous love of Ellie's.

Yet another great track from Ms. Goulding!