There's a magical fairy trail through an enchanted forest in Central New York.

The Wellnesste Lodge fairy trail is a magical place where you can even build your own fairy house. It sits on 60 acres and is well known for wee fairy fork, who love to welcome visitors.

"One of the wonderful things about having nearly 60 acres of Mother Nature surrounding our cozy cabin rentals in upstate New York is the abundance of fairies and wee folk," said Wellnesste Lodge owner Christophe Marin. "Whether it's the water sprites dancing down by the river, the lilly fairies zooming about the gardens, the pine fairies in Christmas Tree Woods, the field fairies who roam the open fields of golden rod in the Central New York summer or the snow fairies who ride the myriad of snowflakes falling on a winter's day, Wellnesste is home to an abundant array of magical creatures."

You'll meet the friendly old troll named Bongo who guards the entrance to the enchanted woods and fairy trail. Legend has it he was once a lonely toad, who saved a fairy from being eaten. Since he was willing to sacrifice his own life, the fairy saved him and turned him into keeper of the woods by enchanting a tree so he may live forever. If you kiss Bongo's cheek before entering the woods, you'll see fairies in your dreams.

Everyone is encouraged to create their own fairy houses, made of natural materials, throughout the property.

Take Enchanting Walk Through a Magical Fairy Trail in Central New York

Wellnesste was conceived by Christophe Marin, a French immigrant, former Army Green Beret, biologist, entrepreneur and avid conservationist. "Our family's philosophy is that the power of nature can help to heal all wounds both spiritual and physical and thus aid in our individual wellness and Joie de vivre."

Wellnesste Lodge is on Coal Hill Road in Taberg and has several options to choose from. Stay in one of 8 cabins, a treehouse or the Happy Camper Bus.

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