If you do not have a fireplace but would like its atmosphere, good news. Time Warner Cable has put the Yule Log Channel on with Christmas music. May I suggest turning the volume down and turning up Lite 98.7. Either way, you'll enjoy the Christmas glow for the next month. Here's how to get the Yule Log channel playing on your TV.
First you'll need Time Warner Cable service and a cable box. Push the 'B' button on your remote for search. Under the 'title' category simply type in 'YULE' and you'll have four channels to choose from; 1) Yule Classic  2) Yule Log 2012 3D  3) Yule Log Contemporary and  4) Yule Piano. For 2012 3D you'll need 3D TV glasses or you'll just see two logs on top of each other.

While I've been writing this blog it's been playing on my TV in the background so I think it's safe to say it will glow for hours and hours. It's wonderful if you've got Christmas company over and you just want conversation with a faux flame burning on the TV. The Yule Log channel is really a merry yule log for all of Time Warner Cables customers to enjoy. Enjoy a sample on your computer screen right now if you'd like.