Happy birthday to one of my favorite games, Monopoly invented on this date in 1935.  As I get older and begin to develop a curmudgeoness, things that change that shouldn't have started to bother me.

Take Monopoly.  The first, and most egregious, change is the total remake of the Monopoly board in the Here and Now edition.  The game is based on the streets and avenues of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Times Square, Fenway Park and Mall of America don't belong on a Monopoly board.

Another change that grinds me, you may not even be aware of.  The name of the Monopoly Mascot was recently changed from Rich Uncle Pennybags to the bland and generic Mr. Monopoly.

Here's a PG-13 video from CollegeHumor.com The reason it works?  We all have the shared experience of the classic Monopoly game.  So to honor the game's anniversary, plan a game night with the family soon.

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