If you were hoping to take a cruise down the Erie Canal, you may have to reschedule until a later date. But how much later?

Well, that's a good question...

We called "Gems Along the Mohawk" to find out if they were still running their Erie Canal Cruises. After driving past their location it was easy to see the water level had risen drastically. Unfortunately, we were told the cruises were not running. Actually, the canal is closed, and that's at the decision of the state. They explained to us that the gates are closed, and we wouldn't even be able to leave Herkimer.

As for when they will open back up, it could be any day. They have to wait until an announcement from the state, and it could come tomorrow or it could be a week from now. Who knows?!

So if you're looking to take a trip down the Erie Canal anytime soon, your best bet is to call "Gems Along the Mohawk" each day, to find out whether they are open or not. At least, until the state gives them the "okay" and they are able to get back to their normal running times and schedule. You can reach them at: (315) 717-0350




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